5 reasons as to why the Fitness Trackers are the next cool thing


Posted in Others | April 5th, 2016

In this world of smartphones we have yet another actually smart devices which help keep us a track of our fitness levels . It is the next big thing in the world out there and as well picking up real fast in India now . So here is the list as to why you can be one cool person if you have one of these as you really don’t want to lag behind.

  1. Fitness buff :


If you are a fitness buff, this is a must have for you, for as why to limit your fitness to just 1 hour of gym. Wear it all through the day and yes get those calorie counts, heart rate, distance walked, sleep hours and all of it in a super gadget.

2. Calls a glance away


It surely is a half smart watch . Never miss an important call or a notification, latest news or your friend’s Facebook post,and never ever dare to miss out on your girlfriend’s message 😉

3. Flaunt is the new old.


Did you cycle up to 20 km ? Had a long jog?  Participated in a marathon?  Get the track of it and flaunt it on social media and make others jealous. After all fitness is the new cool 😉

4. Your favourite celebrity endorses it:

fitness tracker-002

The hottest celebrities around the world endorses it and I am sure you would want to follow their fitness mantra too. Right from the hot Ryan Reynolds to the US President Barrack Obama , the list is long. And from our own Bollywood, the cute Shradhha Kapoor and the fitness-freak Tiger Shroff. Spot the gadget on their hands.

5. Impress your date :


These wearable come into a very sleek design finish or a sporty look. Choose the look you want and you are just a step away to impress your date. After all who doesn’t want a fit partner anyway 😉

Select the best :


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