The Virtual Reality for Newbies


Posted in Virtual Reality | April 5th, 2016

The Virtual Reality (VR) is soon going to be a household name for any entertainment seeker. With Samsung Gear VR launched in India on 21 Jan 2016, things are already gearing up. If you are a PlayStation fanatic ,then this new VR gear will sweep you off your feet. For those who are new to this just as I was, let me give you a brief about it.



The gear gives you a live feel about anything unreal, a 360 degree virtual reality of which you can be a part of. Recently, I had a chance to accustom myself with the Samsung gear VR. My first experience with the gear was amazing as I stepped into a world far away from reality and got completely immersed in it. I guess sometimes delusion is all you need. There I was, diving into the ocean, doing a roller coaster in some other part of the world, sitting on the saddle or a horseback wrangling bandits and racing some high speed motorbikes which I couldn’t have imagined myself doing in the real world.



You can’t even imagine how big this is going to be. There are already some released series exclusively for VR known as VR series, where you can get acquainted with the action interactive virtual reality thriller. One such IS the GONE series. Also there are movie experiences where you can just binge in a 360 degree view of your favourite movie characters for e.g..

The Hunter Games VR– Splash into the arena yourself.

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The Martian VR– Have a walk with the Martian itself, on the crumbled land of the MARS.


Netflix has already established a presence in the world of VR with an official app for the Samsung Gear VR. The content is 2D, but it puts you inside of a 3D environment to watch movies and shows.


Gaming on VR is surreal. You can be a part of the action like nothing before.There are number of games (both free and paid) that you need to check out. The best looking game on the Gear VR is definitely EVE: Gunjack, which is priced at $9.99 (roughly Rs.672). The game places you in control of a turret on a space-ship, shooting down enemy ships while your pilot guides you through space. Also you have Temple Run VR, yes your favourite mobile game on VR- It becomes a little terrifying at times while experiencing the fall out with enemies chasing you, but all of it is totally worth it.



The usage is very simple. All you need is your Samsung Galaxy phone. Plug your phone into the Samsung Gear VR and just get started. Go through all the apps and choose.You can find and download apps directly through VR.


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