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The Tesseract is a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Headset that works with your PC. It allows you to view in true 3D and explore the Virtual 3D world with head tracking. Connect your PC in to the VR headset and lose yourself in the experience. The Tesseract is ergonomically designed with cushioning for it to stay comfortably on your face while you play games and watch movies for an extended period

Key features:

  • RESOLUTION: 1440p:Virtual Reality is another reality-it needs to look like one. Experience true immersion through a crisp 2k resolution display with a pixel density of 465 ppi.
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 110°
  • LATENCY: 10ms: Wearing a laggy VR device is like being stuck in a traffic jam- irritating,frustrating and WRONG. Tesseract HMD boasts of imperceivable lag.
  • 15 MB RAM
  • DEVICE AGNOSTIC: Having an ancient PC does not disable you from experiencing virtual reality.Our optimized algorithm uses minimal system resources to run seamlessly
  • Type Of Lens – Aspherical Optical Lens
  • Interpupillary Distance – Adjustable between 68 mm to 49 mm


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Rs. 20,000

In The Box

Main Set, Back Band, Top Band

Laptop Bag/Backpack No


Brand Absentia

Type Virtual Reality Gear

Series VR Gear

Utility Device Agnostic

Color White