5 reasons as to how PlayStations are man’s best friend.


Posted in Others | April 5th, 2016

I am sure each guy has gone through the phase of spending x amount of hours with your beloved PlayStation . And for most of them the phase is still on and I guess will be on for forever. You guys have a special bond with it, isn’t? . You have had bunk classes , have sustain the ruthless yelling by your parents, have had brutal breakups and all for what? just to be with it. So yes the bond is quite enviable.Here are 5 things which shows that its  your best friend at both good and the bad times.

  1. Home alone:

images (1).jpg

The very first thing you think of when you are alone at home , while your parents not there to scold you, is to wear the helmet and play a MotoRacer on your mighty PlayStation.

2) House party :


For most of us all house party implies drinks and good food. But for guys , you just need a group of male friends and a PlayStation in the house, and yes the party surely goes on all night and there you are waking up next day with a hangover of it.

3) Meet a long back school friend :

giphy (3).gif

Friends reunion for guys is nothing special , they just somehow end up having a PlayStation reunion and going through those times again.

4) Reason for the big fights :


This ones most of you  guys will surely agree. How your girlfriends hate the idea of you spending the time with your PSPs , and yet you just don’t listen to any of it.And this does not limit just to your girlfriends, your mom and sisters too hate every bit of it.

5) Post break up therapy :

giphy (2).gif

So as weird as it sounds its true, first the very first reason for your break up might be the PlayStation itself but then again you end up being with it to overcome the sadness. How nice of you !

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