What is Znatta?

The entire process of buying a gadget has always left us wondering.

To be honest, it can get pretty complicated. Online reviews or the “experts” opinion of friends

and family, doesn’t quite cut it. The relationship we have with our electronics is a personal one,

and we at Znatta will help you discover and decide at the convinience of your own pace.

Our aim is simple, we want you to acquaint yourself with the gadget of your choice before you

decide to buy it.

Trial duration:

For a nominal amount, you can sign up for week-long trial period. And if you wish to extend the

deadline, that’s possible too. All you have to do is go online, notify us and pay a small amount

for the extension period.

How long can I or do I have to keep it?

This is our simple Pay-As-You-Go principle. There is no minimum period contract. You pay for each week in advance. You can send your product back and end your subscription or switch to another product. At any time with ease.

What if I want to keep the product?

We will always mention if the gadget sent for your week-long trial is a brand new or a pre-used

model. When you decide to go ahead and buy from Znatta, we will ship you a brand new piece.

And here’s the best part, you get to avail 50% of your trial amount as a discount while making

your purchase.

When will I receive my Product?

It currently takes 3-4 days until we ship your order after it has been approved.

How do I send a product back?

At the end of your week-long trial period a representative from Znatta will collect the product

from you. No complicated process involved.

What happens if the item is damaged or lost?

We trust you in keeping the product in good shape. In case of loss, you will have to pay the entire price of the product and in case of damage the decision lies with us on how much is to be charged.

What product conditions do you currently have?

All products are either (1) brandnew straight from the factory, (2) as good as new without any signs of any wear (just not straight from the factory) or (3) used(you’ll notice it with minor scratches for example). We label and price each accordingly.

Can I request a product?

Yes, please. You can request a product and we’ll buy it for you so you don’t have to. We’ll quote a monthly price and if you confirm, we go ahead and procure the item for you. That easy.

How it works



We crafted a catalogue of the best gadgets and wearables in the market. If you don’t find your favorite product in our catalogue, simply make a request, and we get it for you so you can try it.


TRY for a WEEK

Once you’ve made your pick, the gadget you wish to try will be shipped to your doorstep. Now what?  Well it’s yours to play with. Take the gadget out for a spin and get to know each other.


Doorstep Delivery and Pickup

We deliver the product you wish to “Try” at your doorstep and collect our product back after a week. In case you want to “Buy” we get a brand new product to your doorstep.