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The new Era of Hearables

Soon the hearables will be new wearables. It is a inevitable reality that should not come as a surprise, because like a phoenix rising from the ashes, hearables are slowly but surely finding their wa...

5 reasons as to how PlayStations are man’s best friend.

I am sure each guy has gone through the phase of spending x amount of hours with your beloved PlayStation . And for most of them the phase is still on and I guess will be on for forever. You guys ha...

5 reasons as to why the Fitness Trackers are the next cool thing

In this world of smartphones we have yet another actually smart devices which help keep us a track of our fitness levels . It is the next big thing in the world out there and as well picking up real f...

Try amazing gadgets at

Have you ever purchased the expensive new-tech gadgets from a store? Remember the first time you considered it? Remember the scepticism which ran in your brain before buying it? You were probably hesi...

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We crafted a catalogue of the best gadgets and wearables in the market. If you don’t find your favorite product in our catalogue, simply make a request, and we get it for you so you can try it.


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Once you’ve made your pick, the gadget you wish to try will be shipped to your doorstep. Now what?  Well it’s yours to play with. Take the gadget out for a spin and get to know each other.


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We deliver the product you wish to “Try” at your doorstep and collect our product back after a week. In case you want to “Buy” we get a brand new product to your doorstep.